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Hello. I haven’t updated this site in a while. So now is as good at time as any, right? Okay. Recenlty I’ve released a collection of short stories titled, STORIES FOR A CRUEL WORLD. I picked out what I think are my best stories, and I think if you give it a read you will not be disappointed. You can find the book in print and Kindle on Amazon right here.

Also, before I forget. I’ve had a story published in issue 17 of THE LITERARY HATCHET, which for my money is one of the best bi-annual publications out there. The story is called THE BOY IN THE SHOWER, and it actually is a chapter from my never to be published novel “The First Sound You Hear,” which I retooled into a short. Hope you like it.

You can download the issue for free here.

Or you can order one of their beautiful print copies.

Thanks and best to all!



A reprint of a story I wrote around 3 years ago called A BOTTLE FOR SANDRA, previously published at Static Movement, and also in an e mag anthology (name of which I can not recall now,) will soon be published again in an English  charitable anthology  for cancer research.

Also a new story called Office Visit will soon be published in an Indian anthology.

So we are going slightly global here.. heh heh.

I will post the details soon as I get ’em.

Best of The Horror Society 2014


A little news. I am pleased to announce I have a story coming out called, “Wish Upon an Indifferent Clearing,” next month, around , I believe, December 10, in FORGOTTEN PLACES: BEST OF THE HORROR SOCIETY 2014.
Just sent back the edits and most happy about this.
We’re gonna have a cover for the book soon.
Edited by the very patient Henry Snider.

The worst blogger ever…


IS me! Over a year, and to be completly honest, I still don’t feel like writing a post, but out of sheer guilt I feel I should say something.

Since we last spoke I have gained 5 pounds, and I have finally managed to get my bedroom closet cleaned out, but of course, that isn’t very interesting, even to me. I have a nice boring life now after many years of drama and I plan on keeping it this way.

Recently, I have had a story called And The Band Played On published in Valuted Tales, which is an Auzzie zine.

I will have to find the link later.

And I have one coming out in our next anthology from The Horror Zine SHREIKS AND SHIVERS called, HARD RAIN.

I will also be having another story coming out in Jason Brock’s Nameless Magazine.

and another I am not allowed to talk about just yet.

In the meanwhile, it is raining today and there’s a lasagne in the oven. Caio.

The Three Hundredth Day


A story I wrote recently about a man who is haunted on death row has been accepted for publication in a new zine called, The Black Treacle Magazine, based in Nova Scotia. I am delighted  to have this piece published there, and I will give more details once the story goes up, l believe next week.


This like never happens ; two updates in one day!

We have a publisher for the next anthology from The Horror Zine ; Imajin Books which published WHAT FEARS BECOME, will be publishing the forthcoming, and long gestating SHADOW MASTERS AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE.

Unlike the other anthologies produced by THE HORROR ZINE this one will contain all original never before published stories ( not even at The Horror ZIne itself) from the likes of Bentley Little, s, Elizabeth Mazzie, Earl Hammer, Scott Nicholson and many more names you will know. And unknowns too like ME, and Chris Larsen, Dean Wild and Jeani Rector.

OH and also it will contain a foreword by Joe R. Lansdale!

Not bad, eh?

I”ll keep you posted as developments develop.