I digress


I am watching this movie called The Twenty Fourth Hour, which is essentially  about this guy who goes crazy when he finds out he is HiV positive and stalks the guy he thinks he got it from. And then  keeps him trapped in his apartment, intending to kill him.

Now when I found out I was positive I was upset, very upset,  but not this upset.

But thing is the guy knows being positive is not a death sentence anymore, but he’s acting like it is. So it’s kind of a weird sort of denial. I’ve seen this with HIV, not to this extent in the real world, but I know people who still cling to this, and sorry to say in many cases because it is financially  beneficial for them do to do so. The other side of the coin is  HIV medications are so expensive that you do need to keep getting those benefits because there is no way you can pay 3000 dollars a month for meds on your own. So you have to take state aid, and in order to do so, you have to use a fair of amount of denial, or rather stretching of certain realities in order to survive.. 


Locker Number 51


Short story LOCKER NUMBER 51 has been published in Shadows of the Mind

I can’t recall if I’d said anything about that before.

Memory is such an occasional thing.



I may have some very good publication news after Dec 21 so keep your fingers crossed.

( even if you have no idea what I’m talking about)

The Horror Zine Magazine is born


I proudly introuce The Horror Zine Magazine to the world.
The first issue; the summer issue contains the material published at The Horror Zine site from May to August, ( the material outside of the anthologies ) And not just short stories but amazing poetry and artwork.

It was real pleasure working with Jeani and Chris on this. I formatted the kindle version, and made the covers for both print and kindle editions of the magazine.

The hardest part was actually doing the cover for the paperback, because I had never made one from scratch, and Create Space has all kinds of specifications that must be met. First off, you can’t send up a jpeg, it has to be a pdf, and then the resloution must be 300 DPIs. I still have no idea what DPI is but Jeani and I somehow manged it. A lot of work but it was worth it.

And A good learning experiance the next issue should go much easier.

The Horror Zine Magazine