The Horror Zine Magazine is born

I proudly introuce The Horror Zine Magazine to the world.
The first issue; the summer issue contains the material published at The Horror Zine site from May to August, ( the material outside of the anthologies ) And not just short stories but amazing poetry and artwork.

It was real pleasure working with Jeani and Chris on this. I formatted the kindle version, and made the covers for both print and kindle editions of the magazine.

The hardest part was actually doing the cover for the paperback, because I had never made one from scratch, and Create Space has all kinds of specifications that must be met. First off, you can’t send up a jpeg, it has to be a pdf, and then the resloution must be 300 DPIs. I still have no idea what DPI is but Jeani and I somehow manged it. A lot of work but it was worth it.

And A good learning experiance the next issue should go much easier.

The Horror Zine Magazine


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