The Three Hundredth Day


A story I wrote recently about a man who is haunted on death row has been accepted for publication in a new zine called, The Black Treacle Magazine, based in Nova Scotia. I am delighted  to have this piece published there, and I will give more details once the story goes up, l believe next week.



This like never happens ; two updates in one day!

We have a publisher for the next anthology from The Horror Zine ; Imajin Books which published WHAT FEARS BECOME, will be publishing the forthcoming, and long gestating SHADOW MASTERS AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE.

Unlike the other anthologies produced by THE HORROR ZINE this one will contain all original never before published stories ( not even at The Horror ZIne itself) from the likes of Bentley Little, s, Elizabeth Mazzie, Earl Hammer, Scott Nicholson and many more names you will know. And unknowns too like ME, and Chris Larsen, Dean Wild and Jeani Rector.

OH and also it will contain a foreword by Joe R. Lansdale!

Not bad, eh?

I”ll keep you posted as developments develop.



Zomhies Need Love, Too at Amazon

I am back with more.  The anthology Zombies Need Love, Too, containing my story Almost Zombie was released this week by Dark Moon Books. Edited by Max Booth you will find enough Zombie humor and splatter sex to keep you giggling for centuries. And check out the cover it has the best zombie book cover ever.



Forgot to mention


In a previous post I said I might have some good news after Dec 21, but I forgot to mention what it is. I’ve sold a story to Nameless Magazine (Cycatrix Press ) called Stranger than Life: A Post Mortem  for a semi pro rate of 2 cents a word. This story will go up this year most likely before July.

 I have more news to report but I am too tired now. So I will save that for tomorrow (if I remember.)