The worst blogger ever…


IS me! Over a year, and to be completly honest, I still don’t feel like writing a post, but out of sheer guilt I feel I should say something.

Since we last spoke I have gained 5 pounds, and I have finally managed to get my bedroom closet cleaned out, but of course, that isn’t very interesting, even to me. I have a nice boring life now after many years of drama and I plan on keeping it this way.

Recently, I have had a story called And The Band Played On published in Valuted Tales, which is an Auzzie zine.

I will have to find the link later.

And I have one coming out in our next anthology from The Horror Zine SHREIKS AND SHIVERS called, HARD RAIN.

I will also be having another story coming out in Jason Brock’s Nameless Magazine.

and another I am not allowed to talk about just yet.

In the meanwhile, it is raining today and there’s a lasagne in the oven. Caio.