A reprint of a story I wrote around 3 years ago called A BOTTLE FOR SANDRA, previously published at Static Movement, and also in an e mag anthology (name of which I can not recall now,) will soon be published again in an English  charitable anthology  for cancer research.

Also a new story called Office Visit will soon be published in an Indian anthology.

So we are going slightly global here.. heh heh.

I will post the details soon as I get ’em.


Best of The Horror Society 2014


A little news. I am pleased to announce I have a story coming out called, “Wish Upon an Indifferent Clearing,” next month, around , I believe, December 10, in FORGOTTEN PLACES: BEST OF THE HORROR SOCIETY 2014.
Just sent back the edits and most happy about this.
We’re gonna have a cover for the book soon.
Edited by the very patient Henry Snider.