The Bio

“Memblatt has that gift of making a story brief but complete, creating people in whom we believe, taking those people on a strange journey – the surprisingly terrifying ending comes as a laser blast from out of the dark.”
– Grady Harp

“The Police Station” by Bruce Memblatt (Twice The Terror: The Horror Zine) is absorbing in its structure and sense of anticipation. What starts out like a police procedural, as two detectives interrogate a murder suspect, unexpectedly takes a creative twist into the supernatural.”- FANGORIA-September 26, 2010

Bruce Memblatt lives in New York City. He is a member of the Horror Witers Associaton.

He is on the staff of The Horror Zine as Kindle Coordinator.

His story “Dikon’s Light” is a recipient of Bewildering Stories 2012 Mariner Awards

His short story Weekend in the Country was the winner of the May 2012 short story writing contest at

His works have been featured in such publications as Strange Weird and Wonderful Magazine, Aphellion, Bewildering Stories, Jeani Rector’s The Horror Zine, Dark Moon Books, Post Mortem Press. Sam’s Dot Publishing, Macabre Cadaver,Danse Macarbe, SNM Horror Magazine, The Piker Press, A Golden Place, Eastown Fiction, Short Story Me! 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Suspense Magazine, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, Black Lantern Publishing, Death Head Grin,The Cynic Online,The Feathertale Review, Yellow Mamma and many more.

His short stories have been published in numerous anthology books as well.



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