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This is my latest collection, you can find it on Amazon, in both print and Kindle.







The Dark Jar Is my first full-length book. It is a collection of 17 short stories. It is fun. It is scary. It is good. It is available for sale in both paperback, and Kindle at Amazon. It is also available at Create Space B&N and Kobo. The Dark Jar got a 5 star review form Grady Harp at Amazon.

“What drew this reader to Bruce Memblatt was that single story in the book WHAT FEARS BECOME, a taste of someone who had a special taint for the dark side of literature. That led to the discovery of this collection of 17 short stories collectively assembled under the title of THE DARK JAR. It should come with a warning label -’Terror inside – proceed with caution’. Memblatt has that gift of making a story brief but complete, creating people in whom we believe, taking those people on a strange journey – the surprisingly terrifying ending comes as a laser blast from out of the dark. When a writer can provide that degree of shock at the very end of a story he has succeeded in entering that realm of keepers of the haunted house – or, in other words, a king of horror stories.”
-Grady Harp



Here is a link to my Amazon author page where you will find many of my short stories available on kindle as well as anthology books I have been published in.





Bruce Memblatt@Amazon




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